Smoking Ceremony

What do Gumbaynggirr people use smoking ceremony for? ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page. On Gumbaynggirr country, a smoking ceremony is performed for many reasons, and encompasses many complex concepts that take time to understand. 🔥Gumbaynggirr man Michael Donovan shares with us a very brief...

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Kangaroo Burned Tail Fur

Have been busy burning this Kangaroo Tail, in Adnyamathanha we call the Kangaroo Urdlu. We use the kangaroo for meat, the fur for Valdtha (clothing/covering) and even teh bones would be used to make things.  Ive burned the story of the Arrarru (North Wind) and the Mathari (South Wind) Artu...

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A Day in the Sun :)

WOW!OUR FIRST BLOG POST! -30.8132,-206.9947 Wow, our first blog post!  Get to know us As a little family we wanted to include a part in our website where you can get to know us and what kind of adventures we get up to and the bush-tucker we cook... I can"t promise you that this...

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