Finished Painting for Stuarts Point Preschool

Well the day has come after many weeks of work on the painting for Stuarts Point Preschool. 

Our family would like to thank the preschool for asking our family to do this special piece for them to put up in their main area for preschoolers, staff and families to enjoy for years to come. 

It represents the town of Stuarts Point, the ocean, the pipi that we gather near by, the fish in the river and poeple of the town enjoying the river, lilly pilly that surround the school. The feet represents the children walking strong in education and the hands represent the children of stuarts point, the adult hand represents the teachers that do an amazing job educating our babies. Would like to acknowledge that this is in the homelands of the Gumbaynggirr my partner Michael's, people.

This is our community in which we proudly live and are grateful to be apart of. 

Pictured below is myself (Juanella McKenzie) and my daughters Ngarlaa, Ngayan and Ngintaka who also helped in this piece by supplying their gorgeous hand prints. We would also like to thank Hugo for his  7 month old cute baby foot prints :) 



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