Wow, our first blog post! 

Get to know us

As a little family we wanted to include a part in our website where you can get to know us and what kind of adventures we get up to and the bush-tucker we cook... I can"t promise you that this blog is always going to be about just one thing, we kinda do ALOT haha 

As an Indigenous family of Artists, we like to spend alot of time out in nature to stay connected to country and also to help us to stay connected to each other. 

Gumbaynggirr Country

Ths particular aturday was an amazing hot day at a local beach in Michaels Homelands in Gumbaynggirr Country NSW. Our daughters played in the rockpools with reef fish, it was amazing to see a pod of dolphins jumping on by through the shallow waves as the kids and Michael swam next to them. 


We met this guy Barry a tourist from USA, he wanted to say hello to his family back home and was interested to know about Australia and Aboriginal Culture, safe travels mate! 

Creating in the Shade

I couldnt help myself by lay in the rockpools to escape the heat with my little family, was an amazing day :)   

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